Who We Are

Lead 2 Empower(c) is an Intercultural strategic communication, social impact, and technology engagement based leadership development platform. We bring more than 50 years of combined experience of entrepreneurs, social impact strategists, conflict resolution educators, technology assisted curators, media journalists, film makers, and mindfulness coaches. 

Our Story of leadership development & empowerment comes from our promising diverse group of  high school  leaders whom we coached as an annual youth initiative. We nurtured leadership in social enterprise learning, technology tools and global models of civic partnership along with intercultural strategic communication and conflict resolution skills. We helped them identify and translate their passion into purpose by working in diverse teams and understanding corporate social responsibility portfolios. They could later transform basic business principles and communication strategies into powerful projects and generate new models of impact and earnings.

The Group's Outcome led to 500  micro- finance loans in Pakistan for women's small businesses, a computer center for 125 orphaned village girls in India, a classroom resource center and summer scholarships for their peers in under-served public schools in Dallas, TX. This group of high school enthusiasts led conferences via skype through out the year  to connect with their members and planned  events and projects. Some even created their online social-enterprise presence.They also took civic action by marching for peace walks, social causes and gave presentations in schools as HE FOR SHE UN movement supporters.We were thrilled to introduce this leadership venture and transform communities internationally.


What We Do

We aim to build leadership 

STEM,INTERCULTURAL STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION MEDIA & SOCIAL ENTERPRISE  tbridge the gap in pay inequity, corporate/media representation and help promote conflict resolution skills.

“The British Council released the latest in a series of country reports including the US highlighting the barriers women face working in social enterprise across the United States.This report highlighted that the future of the social enterprise sector with relevant skills and technology tools will be a place where today’s girls will become tomorrow’s leaders.”

What We Value

Lead 2 Empower drives social change, global citizenship, and economic opportunity. We engage students in technology & social enterprise tools, and promote intercultural communication and conflict resolution skills. Harnessing the principles of equal opportunity to learn, and influence fair use of power and purpose, we intend to build an inclusive future for our young women and men. 

How We Do It

We offer the following Certificate Programs

 1.Strategic Intercultural Communication for Young Professionals

 2.Conflict Resolution and  Cross Cultural Negotiation

 3.Social Enterprise and Technology

 4.Media Advocacy in Technology

       Our Program Develops:

  • Enhances Leadership, Personal , Social, and Style Based Communication Skills
  • Top 9 ways where Culture can Impact Negotiation- Better Communicators
  • Insight into online social enterprise, technology models, and economic opportunities
  • Build Presentation skills, basic financial literacy, marketing & project management
  • Access to social enterprise founders to witness impact of emerging technologies.
  • Case studies analyze contextual learning, global stories, with cognitive map to global impact challenges.
  • Award winning media industry experts from News Literacy Project explain how to filter fake versus fact news>
  • Discover the art of media technology in publishing to advocate fair representation
  • Master the art of public speaking, mindfulness, executive decision making and tools for sustainable happiness
  • Participate in college readiness discussions with graduates from top colleges
  • We Support UN SDG's 3,4,5, 8,10,16 &17 categories in our program initiatives.We Deliver Custom Workshops for Organizations. Please Contact us for your Solution Design -  ilead2empower@gmail.com