Program Details

Program Details

Intercultural Strategic Communication

Certificate Program in Intercultural Strategic Communication and  Leadership is designed for those interested in developing their skills to manage effective communication style, organizational, and personal demands for dealing with cross-cultural conflict,  and making responsible decisions. The workshop style format offers students flexibility in engaging discussions, team work presentations, intercultural perspectives and communicating in person to accommodate demanding job constraints and challenging personal responsibilities. Examine your own culture and its impact on your professional and personal life. Review key communication models and consider the impact of culture on communication. Learn how to deal with miscommunication and prepare your own portfolio of tools to build intercultural competence.

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

Students will be able to understand why conflict resolution can be constructive and enhance relationships and value proposition. Negotiation introduces the three dimensions : People, Problem, and Process. You will explore two fundamental tools of the negotiator: active listening, and effective speaking. Last, you will become acquainted with a list of counterproductive assumptions about negotiation.This will help you do “first things first” and take care of what is truly essential in a negotiation and conflict resolution. Students will also discuss power balance around the negotiation table.

 Social Entrepreneurship and Media Technology aim to promote and focus on the following :

Research & Discovery

Learn how to use best research practices to discover and examine today’s pressing social issues and the companies and organizations taking steps to address them. What is already being done and is it effective? How can you and your venture make a greater impact?

Operations & Logistics

What will you need to implement a focused project? Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills as you see through your vision to reality metrics. Discussions, Games and exercises will strengthen your creative thinking before you plan and create a mock tech design.


Listen to guest speakers discuss how they built brand awareness for their ventures and causes. Learn from true inspiring stories as to how to communicate your message effectively using social media and other emerging marketing and advertising tools.


Design realistic basic financial models and gain effective strategies for a clear mental map. Along with your teammates, role-play interviews and pitches.

Sustainability & Scalability

Discuss ways to build sustainable and scalable business models. Study and compare successful and growing ventures and apply these lessons to your own venture plan.

Entrepreneurial Skills

Interactive class discussions and guest speakers will challenge you to think critically about social issues and motivate you to be a change-maker for your community. You will design or potentially conceive your project idea to build your own catalyst of change /impact. Engaging and immersive talks and conversations empower young social entrepreneurs to leverage their resources and find creative solutions to key social issues in their communities and around the globe.

Hands-on Experience

Hands-on workshops will develop your communication skills, build your confidence and challenge you to think on your feet. These active and engaging sessions will teach you the real-world tools you will need for success. By the end of the program, you will have a better understanding of your personal leadership and communication style and critical thinking skills. All paired with talks, demonstrations and workshops led by  start up and veteran entrepreneurs, CEOs, Media Specialists, and business development strategists that serve as mentors and role models throughout the program.

Emerging Media

In our Media Advocacy and Leadership program we intend to collaborate within a tech. ecosystem of content creators who are leveraging the power of emerging media to strengthen civil society and equipping us with tools to discern fake versus facts. We will learn about emerging media, virtual reality experiences that help grassroots advocate and bring change.

  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Social gaming
  • Civil society must shift its storytelling from message-centric to audience-centric, considering not just the best argument but the best to persuasion for the audience.
  • Video and emerging media are vital tools for legal empowerment, and for connecting communities to share vital lessons and strategies.


  • 12.00pm • LUNCH
  • 02.00pm • SPEAKER/VISIT & HEAR ME OUT 
  • 04.00pm • SESSION CLOSE

Program Tuition for One Full Week  is $1200 -

Includes certificate, lunch and print materials plus visits to successful model enterprises.

Field Session transportation will be covered either by subway or public transportation. We will be visiting business leaders to learn, interact and engage with them as they share their expertise and  intercultural models of Communication, entrepreneurship, media and advocacy.

 Limited financial aid is available for deserving candidates on merit. Consideration will be given to applications received on first come first serve basis!

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