Dr Dilshad Dayani

Dr Dilshad Dayani
Faculty Columbia University- Strategic Communication, Leadership, Media & Social Impact Strategist

Dr. Dilshad Dayani is the founder of World Women Global Council. She works as a leadership trainer, social impact strategist, consultant for UN CSW, feminist activist, and a broadcast journalist for ITV .Dedicated to the empowerment of girls and women for more than two decades now, she has designed successful programs for minority communities. Using the data, she gathered from her research, Dilshad transformed traditional media and technological tools as learning platforms to train and empower South Asian immigrant communities. One of her most successful projects in Dallas, TX was the Youth Initiative for Women Leadership, where she brought public and private high school students together to learn about advocacy, social enterprise, and leadership skills. Her radio broadcasting modules of nearly 400 empowerment talks and life skills shows won accolades including “Obama’s 2015 Immigrant Journey Awards for Professional Excellence.” She also worked on the model UN program document that was translated into 22 languages.

Dilshad contributes to Huffington Post and Thrive Global. As an Amazon best-selling author on gender, unconscious bias, culture, and success narratives, she draws the curtain from her personal story as an immigrant on how she questioned and challenged her own cultural conditioning. Dilshad served on several community advisory boards including the National Diversity Council, as a co-chair for women of color at the Executive Women for HER during the 2016 presidential election, and public broadcasting NPR-KERA, where she served for 8 years. She also worked for the State Department coordinating international advocates and projects with nonprofit grassroots leaders. She is a regular webinar presenter for academia such as Columbia University, Kappa Delta Pi, CSW- UN, & NYU

Dilshad has her Masters in Instructional Design and Media from Columbia University and her Doctorate in Education and Technology from Northcentral University. Her thesis focused on how social media and technology impacts the acculturation of immigrants. She will be presenting her paper this fall in Washington and Canada at the annual Conference of Journalism and Communication along with her peers from Harvard and Rutgers.

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