Media Advocacy and Technology


  • Category: 20-24th August, NY




Entrepreneurial Skills
Interactive class discussions and guest speakers will challenge you to think critically about social issues and motivate you to be a change-maker for your community. You will design or potentially conceive your project idea to build your own catalyst of change /impact. Engaging and immersive talks and conversations empower young social entrepreneurs to leverage their resources and find creative solutions to key social issues in their communities and around the globe.

Hands-on Experience
Hands-on workshops will develop your communication skills, build your confidence and challenge you to think on your feet. These active and engaging sessions will teach you the real-world tools you will need for success. By the end of the program, you will have a better understanding of your personal leadership and communication style and critical thinking skills. All paired with talks, demonstrations and workshops led by  start up and veteran entrepreneurs, CEOs, Media Specialists, and business development strategists that serve as mentors and role models throughout the program.

We work within an ecosystem of creators who are leveraging the power of emerging media to strengthen civil society and equipping us with tools to discern fake versus facts. We will learn about emerging media, virtual reality experiences that help grassroots advocate to bring change.

How to create personal branding platform to advocate for causes and bring change

Award winning journalists including Jessica Mayberry  who is a Ted Fellow will show our participants how to create publish and disseminate fact from  fiction. She will show various strengths and weaknesses of social media platforms so one can create sustainable social enterprise around digital media.

We will delve into the broadcasting area and will learn about podcast, radio and TV ideas to launch personal advocacy and enterprise building.

We will touch briefly on Virtual reality and Augmented reality with power of data story telling.

Civil society must shift its storytelling from message-centric to audience-centric, considering not just the best argument but the best to persuasion for the audience.
Video and emerging media are vital tools for legal empowerment, and for connecting communities to share vital lessons and strategies.

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